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The insulated wall-lining waterproofing system with integral drainage channel

If you want to transform your damp cellar into a dry, useable room and increase the value of your property, lining the walls out with DrainFrame is a cost-effective alternative to tanking and plaster boarding your walls.

DrainFrame can be connected into an existing surface drain or fitted complete with our CellarPump kit


Wall panels are fully finished in white, maintenance-free plastic, so plastering is not necessary but can be applied if required.

At only 60mm thick, the panels still ensure maximum finished converted room sizes. 

Supplied as a kit for easy DIY installation or can be professionally installed by our tradesmen 


Each DrainFrame kit is supplied with a flush point to enable easy flushing of the drainage channel in the event of any blockages occurring 

Example quote:

DrainFrame kit for 4x4m cellar


Please enquire for installation costs

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